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Cariboo Heights Forest Biodiversity Project

i-Naturalist AppHelp us discover and document all the living things in the Cariboo Heights Forest and participate in Citizen Science! It’s easy — download the free iNaturalist​ app to your mobile phone. It’s available on Apple and Google Play.

When you visit the forest, upload photos of fungi, mosses, insects, plants (even invasive species), trees, birds and larger wildlife! Don’t worry if you can’t identify them, the online community will help  out! All observations posted from the Cariboo Heights Forest will automatically be added to our  project!

Currently, 11 observers have uploaded photos, 286 observations have been made, and 120 species have  been seen!

Don’t have time to visit the forest? Check the project online to see what flowers are in bloom and what wildlife have been sighted! Visit Cariboo Heights Forest Preservation iNaturalist project page.

I-naturalist can be used anywhere in the world (including your garden) to document and identify living things!

Download iNaturalist    Download iNaturalist