Mission and Goals

We work with youth, the local community and local government as we educate and advocate for the preservation of the forest, streams and wildlife in the Cariboo Heights forest.

We bring together a community of volunteers to:

  • Lobby the City of Burnaby to protect the Cariboo Heights forest in perpetuity from all types of development
  • Engage in stewardship activities to protect, restore and enhance the Cariboo Heights forest
  • Work with youth and the local community on projects that benefit the Cariboo Heights forest
  • Educate the public about the history and nature of the Cariboo Heights forest
  • Collaborate with post secondary educational institutions to support environmental research in the Brunette River watershed
  • Engage and collaborate with fellow stewardship groups on our common objectives
  • Work in partnership with the City of Burnaby, agencies and other levels of government who share our goals