Work Parties

Be one of our ‘forest protectors’ and join us at a work party to remove invasive species. There are many familiar plants from Europe and Asia that have taken root in the forest and are growing very aggressively. Sadly, they are crowding out and replacing our native plants. This is a problem, as most of these foreign plants do not provide insects, birds and wildlife with either food or shelter. Invasive species of concern are: English ivy, English holly, small-flowered jewelweed (Impatiens parviflora), purple policeman’s helmet, Himalayan blackberry, periwinkle and English laurel.

Dress for the weather and be prepared to work off-trail in the woods. Wear sturdy shoes or hikers, and appropriate clothing to protect yourself from prickly plants. We provide gloves and tools (if you don’t have your own). We start each work session with a safety overview, a description of the species we are targeting and how best to remove them. During the Covid-19 pandemic we are careful to work at least 2 m from each other. Your time commitment is flexible.



Want to learn more about the birds, wildlife and native plants of the Cariboo Heights forest?  Interested in local history? Want to meet other society members? Join us on one of our walks! Most of the Interurban Trail is level and accessible for many different abilities. Walks vary in length from 1- 2 hours. Group sizes are currently limited to allow physical distancing. Society members have priority to sign up for a walk.

Walk the forest